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  • 2017 Annual Report

    30 years of transforming New Jersey communities.

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  • Celebrating 30 Years of Impact

    Hat City Lofts: review the first of our anniversary series highlighting signature projects across NJCC's 30 years of transforming communities through strategic investments & knowledge.

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  • Our Impact

    Explore our sectors of work to see how we are making a difference in New Jersey's at-risk communities.

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  • ReStart New Jersey

    Our groundbreaking home preservatoin program is working to keep hundreds of delinquent homeowners in their homes with mortgages they can afford.

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New Jersey Community Capital (NJCC) is a community development financial institution (CDFI) with a mission to create thriving communities through strategic investments and knowledge.

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Invested into over 700 high impact projects across New Jersey

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30th Anniversary Spotlight: Our First Borrower, Salt and Light Company

We continue to celebrate our 30th anniversary and the impact we have made through $636 million in loans and investments in homes, schools, and jobs for families in countless communities in New Jersey and beyond. Below is a story about our first - and ongoing - borrower. 

NJCC Releases 2017 Annual Report

This year represents a milestone for NJCC: Our 30th anniversary. We are proud of the work we have done to transform communities through mission-driven investments in housing, education, economic development, and early childhood care.

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary

This year, NJCC celebrates its 30th anniversary. During that time, we have made $630 million in loans and investments that created economic opportunities through homes, schools and jobs for families in countless communities in New Jersey and beyond.