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Partners for a Healthier Paterson Selected for 2020 Integrator Learning Lab

February 21, 2020 Press Releases

New Brunswick, NJ (February 21, 2020) – Partners for a Healthier Paterson, a collaboration between New Jersey Community Capital (NJCC), St. Joseph’s Health, and the City of Paterson has been selected to participate in the 2020 Integrator Learning Lab – an initiative convened by Nemours Children’s Health System with support from the Kresge Foundation. As one of nine networks selected nation-wide, Partners for a Healthier Paterson will focus on housing equity and its impact on improving health and economic outcomes for residents of Paterson, New Jersey.

Learning Labs is a six-month technical assistance model in which organized teams work on shared population health goals and learn strategies that launch, catalyze, and sustain multi-sector population health networks that can then be applied and integrated in target communities.

“We’re thrilled to be selected alongside our network partners, St. Joseph’s Health and the City of Paterson, to explore strategies that contribute to a healthier Paterson,” said Wayne Meyer, President of NJCC. “We firmly believe that cross-sector collaboration is the only way to adequately address the barriers to housing, economic and health equity. Vibrant communities like Paterson deserve greater access to the most fundamental health needs. By simply improving access, we can improve the health outcomes, financial stability and housing security of Patersonians.”

The 2020 Integrator Learning Lab will focus on strengthening the use of integrative roles and functions within cross-sector networks, in order to accelerate work toward the shared population health goals of the network. As “leaders and learners”, each network will be provided resources that advance their knowledge of equity strategies within population health.

Integrative activities are often hidden, yet essential, tasks which collectively act as the engine within cross-sector networks, propelling them forward. Integrative activities include exercises such as setting up data sharing structures, evaluating progress, goal-setting, stakeholder engagement, and advocacy. The Learning Lab focuses on strengthening use of these activities and distributing responsibility for them across network partners, in order to make networks stronger and move them toward shared population health goals.

“The challenges our cities and communities face today are daunting, but when place-based networks, such as Partners for a Healthier Paterson intentionally align their collective human and economic assets for stronger, healthier, and more inclusive economies and communities, they can make bolder and broader local change,” said Dr. Hanaa Hamdi, Director of Health Impact Investment Strategies and Partnerships at NJCC. “We’ve joined forces to leverage the power of our economic assets to address socioeconomic disparities and to revitalize local communities in Paterson. Together, we will develop, implement, and support shared goals that advance equitable and inclusive economic development strategies. With the support of the Learning Lab, we will be uniquely positioned to stabilize local economies and begin to reverse the devastating effects of urban disinvestment.”

NJCC thanks the Health Coalition of Passaic County and New Jersey Community Development Corporation as supporting partners.

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