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New Jersey Community Capital Pledges $50,000 to Five East Coast Cities to Commemorate Black History Month

February 21, 2024 News & Updates Press Releases

NJCC partners with city leaders to support community impact initiatives and local nonprofits.

New Brunswick, N.J. – February 21, 2024 – For the second consecutive year, New Jersey Community Capital, a leading nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI), is committing $50,000 to support nonprofits in traditionally underserved areas during Black History Month. The grants also commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for his momentous strides to achieve equality, justice and equity in our nation and beyond.

This year, NJCC’s contributions will support New Jersey municipalities including Newark, Paterson and Atlantic City. Additionally, NJCC is expanding its support to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Syracuse, New York. This is in keeping with NJCC’s goal to foster sustainable economic development and wealth creation in underserved communities beyond New Jersey’s borders.

“Echoing the principles championed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the $50,000 pledge is a testament to NJCC’s dedication to social and economic justice,” NJCC President and CEO Bernel Hall said. “NJCC aims to contribute to thriving, equitable communities by supporting the initiatives and leaders of these cities.”

NJCC’s 2024 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Grant Recipients Are Chosen Directly by Mayors to Maximize Impact

NJCC is working directly with each city’s mayor on the $10,000 in funding to support a community organization or initiative of their choosing. The list includes:

How NJCC’s Grants Will Be Impactful in Each Community

“Impact is in the name of the Newark Community Impact Fund because that is its foundational purpose,” said fund host Hans Dekker, president of the Community Foundation of New Jersey. “This gift from NJCC will increase the impact we can have in Newark’s neighborhoods, directly empowering residents to thrive and helping us build a stronger, more vibrant Newark for all  residents. We’re grateful for this enlightened philanthropy.”

“As a big supporter of the NAACP Atlantic City Youth Council, when I was given the liberty to award an organization $10,000 generously donated by NJCC, my decision was clear,” said Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, Sr. “We all know what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for, and since the money was to go to an organization in his name I chose the Youth Council because of all the great work they do in our community, which includes molding future leaders like Dr. King.”

“The Atlantic City NAACP is extremely excited to receive the very generous contribution to our Youth Council,” noted Kaleem Shabazz, president of the Atlantic City Branch of the NAACP. “NJCC will help the next generation of change agents and difference makers prepare our nation for a better, more just future. We salute NJCC for their vision and foresight in investing in the future. We also salute Mayor Small, a staunch advocate for young people and the NAACP. MLK Day 2024 will be a great memory for the Atlantic City NAACP.”

“This generous gift to the Paterson Mayor’s Wellness Campaign will help our collective efforts to support our community,” said Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh. “We hope to expand our programming and resources for the community through NJCC’s donation. We appreciate the continued support from our partners at NJCC as we strive to keep Patersonians healthy.”

“We thankfully accept the contribution from NJCC to our City,” said Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle L. Parker. “We’re directing this $10,000 contribution to our Mayor’s Office of Black Male Engagement (OBME), which works day in and day out to create opportunities and pathways for young Black men to live productive and healthy lives in Philadelphia. Every bit of support for our constant, ongoing efforts in violence prevention and community engagement is deeply appreciated by the Parker administration.”

“As the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood and Community Engagement, I want to first say that on behalf of the Parker Administration, we are honored and thankful to be considered for this generous donation,” said Hassan Freeman, director of Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood & Community Engagement, which oversees the OBME. “In a time when the homicide and incarceration rate of Black men, particularly young Black men is skyrocketing, the OBME, which works to reduce both crises, will be our choice to honor Dr. King’s legacy.”

“NJCC’s investment of $10,000 to the City of Syracuse will help support two new efforts: Engaging minority developers to diversify real estate development in Syracuse and the Proud Places Project, a program designed to strengthen investment in city neighborhoods through citizen engagement, beautification and community stewardship,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “We are excited to hear the work we are doing extends beyond Syracuse and has attracted the attention of NJCC, which is advancing equity and opportunity in traditionally underserved communities. We appreciate the extra support for Syracuse!”

Last year, NJCC donated a total of $50,000 as part of this initiative in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. to support the following nonprofit organizations:

  • Newark Community Impact Fund managed by Community Foundation of New Jersey
  • Friends of Paterson Parks
  • Paterson Healing Collective
  • Heart of Camden
  • Latin American Development Association
  • Trenton’s Department of Recreation and Youth Programs
  • Howard’s Healthy Choices
  • Elijah’s Promise
  • Town Clock Community Development Corporation


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