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Unlocking Economic Empowerment: Bernel Hall on WVON Discusses the Power of CDFIs

June 24, 2024 Media Highlights

NJCC President and CEO, Bernel Hall, was recently featured on WVON radio in Chicago to discuss the significant role of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). 

He explained how CDFIs are instrumental in providing access to capital in underserved communities, focusing on sustainability and lasting socio-economic impact rather than profit maximization.

Key Takeaways From The Radio Segment

Understanding CDFIs

CDFIs were established to bridge the gap in access to capital left by conventional banks. Unlike traditional financial institutions, CDFIs are dedicated to creating sustainable socio-economic impacts in the most impoverished communities.

Bernel Hall’s Inspiring Journey

Bernel shared his personal background, highlighting his passion for helping black communities through wealth creation and commercial real estate ownership.

Commercial Property Ownership

Discover the importance of commercial property ownership and its benefits, such as generating income and tax breaks. Bernel emphasizes how this form of ownership can level the playing field for many.

NJCC’s Role As The Leading CDFI In The Country

NJCC provides crucial technical assistance and financing for commercial real estate and small business growth, particularly focusing on black and brown communities.

Addressing the Racial Wealth Gap

Bernel highlighted the broader implications of the racial wealth gap for the American economy, stressing that this is an issue that affects the entire nation.

Resources and Support

Learn how you can contact NJCC for further resources and support to help you on your journey to economic empowerment.

Listen To The Full Segment

This conversation is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to understand the impact of CDFIs and how they can leverage these resources to drive economic growth and sustainability in their communities.


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