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Core Values

Our Core Values define our culture. This is WHO we are, WHAT we stand for, and HOW we behave. This is the standard by which we assess the strength of our team, our partners, our programs. These traits and qualities shape our daily actions. They describe a part of each and every one of us.

  • We are Mission Driven and promote Equitable Investment;

  • We approach our work with Compassion and Integrity;

  • We are Results Oriented and remain Intellectually Curious about better ways to achieve our desired results;

  • We hold ourselves Accountable for our actions; and

  • We value Collective Success Over Individual Achievement.

Mission Driven

NJCC understands that equitable access to capital and wealth can only be achieved through purposeful investment in traditionally underserved communities. It designs and deploys its products and services with the needs of these communities in mind and carefully selects partners, borrowers, and projects to ensure every investment results in meaningful social, as well as financial, returns.

Equitable Investment

… in its work, people, and its partnerships. NJCC values the diversity of individuals and of ideas. NJCC recognizes that everyone has unique circumstances, and its strive to invest its resources in ways that create equal opportunities for everyone to thrive.


… care about others and treat people with respect. NJCC practices empathy, gratitude, and kindness, seeking to understand one another, create belonging, and treat everyone with dignity.


… doing the right thing, even when it may be hard. NJCC listens to the needs of its clients and investors and endeavor to proceed in their best interest. This is how NJCC builds trust with the communities it serves and the people it works with and supports—through responsible actions, honest relationships, and integrity.

Results Oriented

… hard-working and dedicated to meeting and surpassing its goals. NJCC seeks to achieve the most beneficial outcome for the organization, the client, and the community, by focusing on goals and results that will ensure financial and economic growth, security, and opportunities for traditionally underserved communities.

Intellectually Curious

We are self-motivated problem solvers. We are creative and open-minded. We drive change. We pursue growth and learning. We are always willing to learn. We listen carefully. We do our research. We make decisions based on the facts and circumstances. We develop and implement finance tools that challenge assumptions and reshape conventional tough in order to create new opportunities.


We are each responsible for our work, our actions, and the eventual results. By taking accountability and ownership over its actions and responsibilities, team members empower one another to be better, do better, and invest in the mission and goals.

Collective Success Over Individual Achievement

We are collaborative, always willing to help, adaptable, and team oriented. NJCC team members strive to act for the greater good of the organization, clients and communities rather than for their individual self-interest.


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