New Jersey Community Capital was founded in 1987 as the Community Loan Fund of New Jersey, Inc. (CLF), a nonprofit lender designed to meet the capital needs of New Jersey-based affordable housing developers.

As our investment generated positive social and economic outcomes, we expanded to other lending areas, including early care, education, and economic development.  In 1996, we became a certified community development financial institution ("CDFI") by the U.S. Treasury Department, allowing us to expand our capital base and our sources of funding. In 2003, we incorporated Community Lending Partners of New Jersey, Inc. (CLP) to meet the diverse needs of our investors as a lower-risk lending affiliate, and subsequently adopted the name New Jersey Community Capital for our affiliated entities.

We have since grown further.  We received its first of five allocations of New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs) in 2003, totaling $175 million, and have now deployed $110 million in NMTCs to finance 21 major economic development projects. We incorporated Community Asset Preservation Corporation (CAPC) in 2009, empowering the first-of-its-kind nonprofit to purchase and lead the redevelopment of hundreds of vacant properties. We launched ReStart in 2012, via which we are acquiring and modifying large pools of nonperforming mortgages, preventing homeowners from facing foreclosure and displacement. 

Today, we have earned a national reputation as one of the leading innovators in the community development field. With a growing network of partners and investors, and a dedicated staff of community development professionals, we continue to seek new ways to advance our mission and to move New Jersey forward. 



“Our goal was not to compete with the big banks, but to show what was possible—to show that smart, community-driven financing and partnerships could create change at the neighborhood scale”

Marty Johnson
President/CEO, Isles Inc.
NJCC Cofounder