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Annette Gunn

Manager, Residential Mortgage Asset, Community Asset Preservation Corporation

Annette Gunn joined NJCC in July 2017 as a Portfolio Manager for the ReStart team. Ms. Gunn is responsible for managing a portfolio of mortgages and works with housing counseling agencies engaged by NCC to assist borrowers in applying for mortgage modifications. In addition, she works with the mortgage servicer to ensure foreclosures move through the various county court systems by troubleshooting delays. Prior to joining NJCC, Ms. Gunn spent 28 years working in all aspects of the mortgage industry, including mortgage servicing, title insurance, default and property preservation. She served as Operations Manager for Buckley Madole’s New York foreclosures.

Ms. Gunn has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southern Wesleyan University in Columbia, South Carolina, and is a Notary Public in both New York and New Jersey.