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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for down payment assistance?

Complete the Address Yourself enrollment form or Address Yourself Formulario de Inscripción along with copies of a mortgage preapproval letter from one of our approved lenders and the fully executed contract for the property you intend to purchase. If we have a down payment assistance program to fit your needs, we will send you the application and the list of documents we need to process your request.

Who are your approved lenders?

Click here for a list of our approved lenders.

How much assistance can I get?

New Jersey Community Capital offers down payment assistance ranging from $5,000 to $30,000. Contact us at for more information.

Can I use your down payment assistance program to purchase a multi-family home?

We offer down payment assistance to eligible homebuyers purchasing a 1-4 family residential property that will be occupied as their primary residence.

What is the income limit of the DPA program?

The income limit for most of the DPA programs we offer is 100% of HUD’s area median income (AMI) by county adjusted for household size. Click here for a link to the HUD AMI chart.