Borrow & Partner

NJCC specializes in providing flexible loans and lines of credit to nonprofit organizations and mission-driven for-profit entities that meet their diverse needs and empower them to advance their own goals in the communities they serve.

We are committed to supporting the growth of our borrowers in other ways too: we provide portfolio management services to help borrowers maintain their assets, and we provide strategic and technical guidance to help them increase their financial capacity. We have stood by borrowers over the long-term, often adding to or refinancing our loans to assist them in overcoming challenges they face and completing their critical community development projects.

  • Housing:  NJCC finances the predevelopment, acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, and mini-permanent needs of affordable housing units for ownership and rental, including both single-family and multi-family projects.
  • Education & Early Care:  NJCC is currently the leading charter school lender in New Jersey, and finances a range of capital needs for early care centers, health clinics, cultural institutions, and other community facilities.
  • Economic Development:  NJCC provides a wide variety of financing for commercial needs in low-income areas, including flexible small business loans, New Markets Tax Credits for large-scale economic developments, and small energy efficiency improvement loans.

"The markets have changed, the needs have changed, the opportunities have changed and the policies have changed. NJCC has responded to our needs at every step of the way. They have been our most consistent and friendly lender over the past 25 years".

- Kent Pipes, President and CEO of the Affordable Homes Group