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Early Child Care

A Head Start on Learning

Studies have continually shown that early childhood education is a critical foundation for children’s continued cognitive, academic, social and emotional growth. The development and expansion of high-quality early care and education services, particularly in historically underserved communities, offers economic development possibilities that include job creation and neighborhood stabilization, which are vital components of community redevelopment.

How We Invest

New Jersey Community Capital is strongly committed to financing quality early care centers throughout the state of New Jersey in order to have a positive impact on the students who attend those centers as well as the communities in which they live. We believe that greater access to equitable learning opportunities builds stronger communities and greater stability.


child care seats financed

$50 Million

early care investments across New Jersey

NJCC provides a range of financing for early care centers, from acquisition financing for new or current facilities to permanent financing to help cover lease and mortgage costs. Projects supported include:

Second Street Youth Center (Plainfield, NJ): An $8.8 million New Markets Tax Credit allocation to construct a high-quality, state-of-the-art facility complete with a 1,200-square-foot
aquaponics urban farm and agricultural education center.

Unified Vailsburg Child Development Center (Newark, NJ): A $2.5 million loan to finance the construction of a 14-classroom child development center to serve 200  preschoolers.

Babyland Family Services (Newark, NJ): A $325,000 mini-permanent loan to help the organization preserve ownership of the building where it has operated and held day care activities
for over three decades.



Success Stories

Second Street Youth Center

An $8.8 million New Markets Tax Credit allocation helped Second Street Youth Center open a new state-of-the-art educational facility, offering children a safe and nurturing space to grow and learn.

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