NJCC has an exceptional track record of investing in New Jersey neighborhoods that have inadequate access to conventional sources of capital.

These investments have created positive outcomes in the lives of thousands of New Jersey residents in the forms of affordable housing, quality education and early care, and stable jobs. Cumulatively, our holistic lending and financial support has played a valuable role in counteracting trends of economic decline in many New Jersey neighborhoods.  Over the course of our history, we have invested over $300 million in underserved areas of the state.

New Jersey Community Capital relies on contributions from socially responsible investors to provide affordable, flexible loans and investments to underserved communities. Without our investments, many of the homes, schools, and businesses we finance would not be able to access financing, and without the financial support we receive from socially motivated individuals, corporations, foundations, and religious organizations, we in turn could not fill this important role.

Investments into NJCC’s loan funds range in terms and in interest rates in order to meet the goals of the investor.  NJCC has a 100 percent rate of repayment on the investments it has received.

"NJCC fills the gaps and is the stable source of funds that makes it possible to attract investment from banks and other funders."

- Carol Kasabach, NJCC Investor and Former Board Member

Additional Resources

To learn about investment opportunities please contact Jorge Cruz, Chief External Affairs Officer at 732-640-2061 x412 or jcruz<at>njclf.com