Creative Placemaking Fund

NJCC’s Creative Placemaking Fund (CPF) deploys capital to arts and culture based enterprises and neighborhood development efforts that celebrate the character, diversity, and livability of New Jersey communities.

The arts sector, just like housing, education, and economic development, is vital to ensuring communities’ health and stability. NJCC’s CPF provides flexible financing options to support local efforts that intentionally incorporate arts and culture into broader plans for comprehensive and inclusive community revitalization.

New Jersey’s nonprofit arts sector is a major driver of local economic activity, responsible for arts enterprises employing tens of thousands of people, and bringing energy back into commercial corridors. Artistic spaces bring value to communities by providing opportunities for education, community togetherness, and economic growth built on assets distinct to each neighborhood.

CPF supports projects such as large-scale cultural centers, including mixed-income artist residences, education centers, nonprofit arts programs, and decentralized anchor enterprises, including community theaters, creative production and learning spaces for music and visual arts, outdoor performance spaces, and urban agriculture. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your project.