Announcement: Thanks to the generous support of the Pascale Sykes Foundation, New Jersey Community Capital is pleased to launch a program of the Garden State Relief Fund for small businesses and nonprofits affected by the COVID-19 pandemic located in the THRIVE South Jersey footprint. 

We know that small businesses are the heart of our communities and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are encountering unexpected challenges in a rapidly changing market. To address these rising concerns, the program offers no-cost Garden State Relief Fund loans to small businesses and low-cost loans to nonprofits located in the THRIVE South Jersey market area (Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem and western Atlantic counties) impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. NJCC will aim to process these loan applications within 10-21 business days.

Consistent with our mission, the THRIVE South Jersey Garden State Relief Fund ensures that small businesses and nonprofits are provided with equitable and inclusive opportunities for relief, stability and growth. The Thrive South Jersey Garden State Relief Fund provides financial support for those that often lack access to conventional capital and have been disproportionally affected by this evolving public health crisis.


  • Businesses and nonprofits with 3 to 75 full-time employees located in Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem and western Atlantic counties. 

Loan Terms

  • Up to 36 months. Please view this form for complete eligibility and terms. 

Interest Rate

  • No-interest loans for small businesses
  • Low-interest loans for nonprofits

How to Apply

To submit an application, please complete this form and return via email to

For further information regarding this fund, please contact New Jersey Community Capital at 732.640.2061, ext. 143 or by email at 



NJCC partnered with the Pascale Sykes Foundation in December 2014 to launch THRIVE, an economic initiative developed to address the challenges of poverty and unemployment in the targeted four-county region as part of Pascale Sykes's South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative. THRIVE aims to deploy flexible, affordable capital and capacity building assistance to generate quality jobs and improve economic opportunity across the four-county area.

South Jersey has many unique assets: a robust agricultural industry, strong historic and cultural heritage, and a rich regional identity. At the same time, South Jersey faces its share of adversities: the loss of industrial and manufacturing jobs, the continuing impacts of the foreclosure and economic crises of the late 2000s, and the more recent loss of jobs in the gaming and hospitality industries. Despite their challenges, these communities are tremendously resilient.

THRIVE addresses these challenges with two complementary approaches:


THRIVE utilizes a variety of financial products, such as loans, credit enhancements, and equity investments, to support and expand economic development and job creation initiatives in the four-county area. This capital may be used to support commercial real estate, create affordable or mixed-income housing, or build community facilities. THRIVE also provides working capital to businesses to support the creation of jobs and address local community needs (such as healthcare providers, fresh food outlets, or arts facilities).

Capacity Building

THRIVE embraces a comprehensive approach, offering capacity building support in designing effective projects, programs, and strategies that improve the economic wellbeing of the region, especially for struggling families. Economic development is most effective when low- and moderate-income residents are well-connected to quality job opportunities. THRIVE supports institutions and agencies implementing workforce development initiatives that better connect economic development projects to regional support resources, such as One-Stop Centers, Workforce Investment Boards, community colleges, and other organizations.

Learn more about the THRIVE South Jersey initiative by calling New Jersey Community Capital at 732.640.2061.

Garden State Relief Fund

For further information regarding this Fund, please contact New Jersey Community Capital at 732.640.2061 x143 or email

THRIVE South Jersey

For more information regarding the THRIVE program, please contact Laura Wallick by phone at 267.397.1605 or email