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L.A. Parker: Trenton students learn about trees by planting new ones

Students from Grant Elementary School learned in an outdoor classroom Tuesday while planting trees.

The arbor effort spruced up an area on Grant Ave. near the Trenton Police Department on North Clinton Ave.

New Jersey Community Capital, Isles, Inc. and East Trenton Collaborative joined forces to plant 20 maple trees along this East Trenton corridor.

Grant Elementary School students added their physical and brain power to digging an appropriate sized hole for each tree, important in assuring roots have sufficient space for successful growth.

Holes should be two or three times as wide and as deep as the root ball. Each hole should include sloped sides.

Plus, depth matters as the root collar should be at or slightly above ground level.

Jim Simon, Isles deputy director of urban agriculture and master gardener chaperoned the tree planting experience.

“The great outdoors makes for a fantastic classroom. This type of learning makes a lasting impression on students,” Simon said.


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