Providing a Head Start to NJ's Children
For over 25 years, NJCC has provided financing for early care centers and other pre-school facilities, providing a head start to thousands of young children.

Studies have continually shown that early childhood education is a critical foundation for children’s continued cognitive, academic, social, and emotional growth.  Moreover, investments in early care lead to reductions in future public expenditures on social services.  Despite these demonstrated benefits, the funding landscape for early care in New Jersey has been tumultuous, resulting in financial challenges for a number of providers.

For over 25 years, NJCC has sought to meet the financial needs of New Jersey’s early care centers.  NJCC provides a range of financing—from acquisition financing for new or current facilities to permanent financing to help centers cover lease and mortgage costs—to enable the creation or preservation of over 7,150 early childcare seats across the state.

Our Early Care Work

  • Over $50 Million in early care investments across New Jersey
  • Over 7,150 early care slots created/preserved