Success Stories

Family Village

Newark, New Jersey

More than half (56%) of children living in Newark’s South Ward live in poverty—nearly two times the national rate. This is often a result of pervasive foreclosures, property abandonment, high vacancy rates, and limited affordable housing options for low-income and working-class families. We believe that equitable community development begins with building healthy environments where residents are given agency and opportunity. Family Village, a comprehensive healthy homes and community health initiative of NJCC, CAPC, and the South Ward Children’s Alliance (SWCA), is providing just that.

Equipped with nearly $16 million in capital from a cohort of dedicated community institutions and partners, Family Village will rehabilitate more than fifty abandoned scattered-site properties into more than one-hundred safe and healthy affordable homes. NJCC and CAPC, in partnership with SWCA, an organization born out of the need to reduce poverty, will afford children and families of Family Village the option of local wraparound support services that help foster family stability, including financial well-being and academic success. Dominique Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SWCA, explains, “Families need affordable housing in order for children to have stable lives and live out their dreams. This capacity is providing a necessary benefit to the community and helping build intergenerational wealth.”

Our work does not end there. We go one step further. After ten years, families will be given the opportunity to purchase their homes, creating a clear pathway to intergenerational mobility. Family Village is just one way we are expanding our investments to ensure we build stronger foundations for communities of color.

"This ecosystem is pivotal to our work. By partnering with CAPC, it allows us to provide necessary support to the families that we serve in the South Ward." – Dominique Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SWCA