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Education Morristown, New Jersey

Unity Charter School

Unity Charter School has been recognized for its academic performance and it eco-conscious curriculum, but had quickly outgrown its building. Through a credit enhancement, NJCC provided the charter school with the financial backing it needed to secure a lease and remodel a new building for learning.

Rich Learning Environments, Thriving Students


Deeply aware that education lays the foundation for opportunity, New Jersey Community Capital has been at the forefront of financing New Jersey charter schools and the innovative academic opportunities they provide for the state’s young population. Unity Charter School, a K-8 school in Morris Township, exemplifies the importance of a healthy learning environment for children, and of the power of our educational investments.

Unity’s consistently high academic performance alone conveys its value,  but the school offers far more than a quality education: it incorporates environmentalism into every aspect of its operation, from its entirely eco-conscious curriculum to its organic lunches to its composting garden. Unity even uses filtered water fountains that tell students how many plastic bottles they are saving with each refill of their reusable bottles. Through reflection and discussion about positive decision-making and mutual respect, Unity students also learn how their everyday choices impact both the environment and the people around them.

Unity had always achieved more with less, but eventually it outgrew its space, which was already cramped forcing school staff to hang sheets to separate classes. Recognizing the difficulties this situation placed on students and teachers alike, Unity sought to move into a larger and more learning-friendly facility; however, the school needed a financial supporter to guarantee its lease for the new building.

We put our financial strength behind Unity by using a credit enhancement to secure the lease and guarantee repayment. The financial support enabled Unity to move to a new facility and remodel it, expanding the number of students it can serve from 105 to 180. The students are thriving in their new building—their test scores consistently meet or exceed the state average—and the school enjoys high demand from families in surrounding communities, with waiting lists for nearly every grade. We did not provide the leadership that has made Unity Charter School successful, but without our support, the school could not provide its extraordinary resources to so  many students in such an innovative learning environment.

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