Housing is the Cornerstone of NJCC's Work
The first loan made by New Jersey Community Capital was for an affordable housing project, and fostering the development of housing for low-income families remains the cornerstone of NJCC’s work.

The average cost of owning or renting a home in New Jersey is higher than in almost any other state in the country.  As a result, many low-to-moderate-income families find themselves spending over 50 percent of their incomes on housing costs, creating a significant financial burden. The development of quality affordable housing has been shown to be critical in reducing the economic hardship these families face, as well as improving their health outcomes and the stability of their communities.

The importance of affordable housing for disadvantaged families in New Jersey is why NJCC has made housing financing the cornerstone of its work for 30 years.  Our first loan was for an affordable housing project, and since then, we've fostered the creation or preservation of over 10,550 housing units for low-to-moderate income families.

Every year, NJCC continues to finance the predevelopment, acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, and mini-permanent needs of hundreds of affordable housing units for ownership and rental, including both single-family and multi-family projects. Meanwhile, NJCC continues to provide technical assistance to local housing developers and to advocate for additional resources for neighborhood stabilization.

Finally, NJCC has innovated groundbreaking programs and funds that efficiently channel resources into large-scale solutions to the persisting foreclosure crisis.  These efforts include the ReStart program and the Community Asset Preservation Corporation, NJCC’s non-profit real estate subsidiary. 

Our Housing Work

  • Over 10,550 housing units created or preserved
  • Real estate development through our subsidiary CAPC
  • Our ReStart program is a national model for foreclosure recovery and homeownership preservation