NJCC is NJ's Leading Charter School Lender
We provide patient, affordable loans to finance the construction, expansion, and operation of state-of-the-art learning facilities for dozens of charter schools and over 9,000 low-income students throughout the state.

Charters schools have become critical and proven resources for mitigating educational gaps in New Jersey, especially in underserved and underperforming school districts. Yet the facilities in which New Jersey charter schools operate are typically outdated, lacking in physical education space, and smaller than average (in terms of both site size and square feet per student) by more than 20%.

In the last ten years, NJCC has become the leading charter school lender in New Jersey, providing acquisition, predevelopment, construction, mini-permanent, and permanent financing to 21 charter schools and creating or preserving over 10,800 charter school seats, 37 percent of all seats in the state. NJCC also has provided $14.4 million in loan and lease guarantees to charter schools, reduce their facility costs so that they can dedicate more resources to instruction and program design.

NJCC buttresses these loans and guarantees with substantial financial guidance and advocacy on behalf of the charter school industry in New Jersey.  In April 2013, the New Jersey Charter School Association (NJCSA) selected CLFNJ Lending Team Leader Joseph Palazzolo as 2013 Advocate of the Year, one of the state’s most prestigious charter school awards.

Our Education Work

  • Over $85 Million in education investments across NJ
  • Over 10,800 education seats created or preserved
  • Leading charter school financier in NJ