Supporting Economic Growth in NJ's Low-income Communities
NJCC proactively supports job creation and economic growth in New Jersey’s low-income communities.

Increasing economic empowerment and opportunities for employment in low-income communities requires a range of investments, from small businesses to larger job generators.  NJCC has taken a diverse approach to investing in economic development that has produced almost 6,000 jobs in communities of need.

One such approach is the investment of New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs).  Since 2003, when NJCC was one of the earliest recipients of an NMTC allocation, it has invested over $60 million in NMTCs into a diverse set of projects.

NJCC also continues to increase its investment into small businesses.  Foremost among its investments is NJCC’s REBUILD New Jersey program, a low-interest disaster recovery loan fund that has helped almost 40 small businesses recover from the impacts of Hurricane Sandy and has recharged their communities.

Our Economic Development Work

  • Over $85 Million in economic development investments across NJ
  • Over 5,800 jobs created or retained
  • $80 Million in NMTC allocations
  • Innovative and targeted small business lending programs